Miami’s low relative density, world-class healthcare systems, and a healthy lifestyle attracting empty nesters, high rent, high taxpayers and, those who need to downsize or the opposite—get into a larger home because they have a growing family. Whichever the case, many buyers have to continue moving forward with transactions. This is not 2008, Real estate is still a hot market, a long-term investment, not a short term one. 

Real estate for most people is still the most important decision most people will ever make. People who were going to buy or sell 2-3 months ago have merely shifted their timing down the line. Certain life events—like, birth, marriage, and upgrading—which necessitate home sales. The real estate market will see transactions.

Pricing is the most important thing that a seller can focus on right now if they need to sell than creating “urgency” by pricing ahead of the market as you don’t want to be the tree that falls in the forest that no one hears. 

Now the desire to own property in places with a healthy lifestyle has been heightened and will continue to see growth. 

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