You’re selling your house and have decided to move out before the home has actually sold. The bags are packed, the moving truck arrives and before you know it the house is empty and ready for the next resident. Now that the rooms are open and clutter-less the buyers now have a better idea if the house is right for them because they get to use their imagination. They can walk through and picture how their life will play out in their new home like where their belongings will go, and where holiday parties, family gatherings, or movie nights will take place. This all sounds great, but in reality, it is not the most beneficial way to sell a home.

People buy what they see and people get stuck on what they do not see. Although there are buyers who prefer to walk into an empty house and imagine exactly what they want, many do not have that ability and need assistance. While some aspects of the home are easier to decide and use creativity, others are far more challenging and can become a deal breaker. When a potential buyer walks into an empty space and cannot understand how to work with the shape, size, or structure, they can be immediately turned off and walk away.

Home showings today are taken care of by professionals who have experience in the business and understand what is necessary to accomplish your goal in the sale of your house. Realtors are there to find buyers, sell your home and get the deal done at the best price. Between the marketing that they offer, relationships that they have built, and a large database, they have a wide range of tools to pretty much get the job done. That is their strength but not all realtors have the strength of painting the picture in your head and as previously stated that one empty room could be a deal breaker for a potential buyer.

Professional home staging gives your home an additional perspective in the real estate marketplace. Home stagers are trained and have the experience to understand the artistic side of the process to design the home to sell. Home staging does not mean reinvented the home but adding a touch to the home that offers viewers a wonderful first impression. In addition, listings become increasingly notable in a buyers mind because the picture is already painted in their mind. Not only can you capture the attention of potential buyers in person, but in photographs on the internet when people are doing independent searches in their spare time. There are many photographs of listings online that were done unprofessionally and have poor quality.  Whether the home is a great catch or not, anything can be misinterpreted on the internet.

Here are the top reasons to use Professional Home Stagers:

  1. You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a Good First Impression 
  2. Achieve the Highest Price for Your Home
  3. The Property Can Sell Faster 

Due to these facts listed above, this is why we are located in Miami and Miami Beach, chooses to recommend staging your house. We want to help our clients achieve the highest price on their home and we do what it takes to get the job done. The use of a professional home stager can only benefit a seller when selling their home and our experience has proven that going the extra mile can make all of the difference.

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