“Reliability and respect are the basis on which I do my job. In the absence of these, you have nothing. Some real estate agents have a problematic image. Unfortunately, there are not many agents who operate according to these values. Instead, their focus is on how I make more money right now, no matter at whose expense. It’s a bit of a plague actually. To me, success is a reflection of my values of credibility and respect. Many agents tend to think that marketing is related to the product. However, I understand it’s more about communication. After all, there are plenty of agents and lots of apartments. So why come and work with me? It’s because I, Adi Zilberberg, bring my personality and my communication skills to the table. That’s the point that many do not understand, opting to focus on the product rather than the communication. Buying an apartment in many cases involves a lot of fear, excitement and the desire to be understood through the product you are selling. This is especially true in my market of luxury waterfront homes. Whoever does not understand this, and fails to address these needs, potentially misses out in a big way. Today I identify as someone who sells his work rather than his success. I am focused on a target audience that wants to take calculated risks in real estate. Over time, I have learned and understood what my clients want. I give them what they are looking for without inundating them with information. I differentiate myself from other agents with precise marketing. I’m like a laser-guided missile; I do not waste anyone’s time.


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