How To Be a Miami Real Estate Selling Machine

Selling luxury properties in any market today can be quite the hassle without the right tools in one’s arsenal. If you belong to the category of persons who have wondered how people get it done in todays market, this e-mail is for you as I will be letting you in on some of my time-tested tips and tricks.

These tips have not only helped me succeed where selling real estate in Miami is concerned, but they have also proved useful to several others! Fasten your seat belts, these are my proven “Tips How To Be a Miami Real Estate Selling Machine”

My modus operandi is uncomplicated and is applicable to our how we work with sellers as well as buyers. It really is as easy as ABC.

  • Be committed to creating a stress-free experience for your client
  • People feast with their eyes first, hence, make the property as appealing as you can
  • Be available when your client needs you
  • Be truthful and forthright with information that will benefit them
  • Don’t force your opinions on them

These are basic principles that will sure set you apart.

Tips to help you sell your property
Having gotten the basic principles out of the way, these effective proven track would help you how we sell in highly competitive rates.

  1. understand that your clients recognize value, hence, attach realistic prices to properties. An overpriced property may stay longer on the market than a moderately priced one.
  2. Be available- clients looking to buy properties always have questions and you want to be there whenever they need any clarification(s). Refresh your emails regularly, respond to messages, make sure your phone is on you at all times and ensure to return calls when you miss them.
  3. Go pro with your images – as I said above, clients feast with their eyes! Invest in awesome real estate high end photographers who can capture angles at their finest. Ensure to invest in professionally recorded and edited videos as well to show the best features of the property.
  4. Traditional Marketing and social media – nothing sells than word of mouth hence, go hard with your marketing and these days, social media has made it a tad easier! Build your social media profiles and you will be amazed at how much audience you can get.
  5. Create your own website – a website full of content is a treasure trove for prospective clients. Keep your website up to date with content about available listings as well as articles that can help your clients make informed decisions.
  6. think big, think of your business on a global scale. Join networks that offer immense value so you can enjoy as much value as you impart on others. via our extensive networks of brokers, apartment hunters and the media, we have coverage that is unparalleled.  I am not sure that you will find anyone else who works harder, or who reaches more people.
  7. Use your phone – these days, we tend to keep up with our contacts only on our socials, but a good old phone call still goes a long way in making things happen! Network with your community and the world at large by always keeping in touch through a call.
  8. Never take on more than you can handle – it does get tempting to take on more properties than one can handle. A client-focused professional will enjoy more success than one who isn’t. Ensure to diligently plan so that your clients can enjoy premium services that prioritizes their needs.
  9. from time to time, send out informative pieces that will add value to your contacts. No one loves to read through boring stuff so, curate emails that come regularly with information they will love to read. Your email could contain news about real estate trends or juicy deals that your clients shouldn’t miss. Remember that you should not be sales minded at all times.

In this field where it sure is rewarding to help families move into their dream homes, it feels very awesome to be the one making these connections from time to time. I do hope you find this email informative and in a not-so-distant future, I hope I get the chance to show just how effective I can be where selling real estate is concerned. I remain committed to making things easy for my clients while putting their needs above every other thing!
Have a question about Miami real estate? You can call, text or WhatsApp us anytime, I am never more than one phone call away at +1-305-209-5017, or simply reply to this e-mail.  We will always be here to help you.

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