Adi ZIlberberg – Top Producer Circle 2022

“Dear Adi,
Congratulation on your distinguished Gary Hennes Realtors Top Producer 2022.
This October will be 5 years since you came into our lives and our company hasn’t been the same. Your dedication to your career spills over to your personal life as you have taken the important step of truly becoming the man that you have always desired.
Your humor and smile are infectious, and we all feel it! happy when you are happy. You prove daily that beyond the hype of others, below the surface there is an astounding individual that creates his own path rather than follow the beaten one.
Watching you in action is pure joy. Even on your most pressured days, you take control and make it awesome. Your buyers and sellers absolutely love you. And I think you love them too.
I knew five years ago that we would make a great team and not one day since have I been wrong.
Congratulations on your award celebrating Top Producer 2022. I am so proud of you.
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