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There is quite the feeling of tradition and history when you walk through the streets here in Miami Beach.  The friendly faces you greet, the common interests and goals streaming through the blocks, it’s really a dazzling place to live.  Our buzzing coffee shops are filled with entrepreneurs while our gleaming beaches are filled with residents keeping healthy and sprinting off their weekends indulgences.  Here in Miami Beach it’s about balance.  It’s a rare gift where you can you look off into the distance and in one frame you see innovative architecture, an orange sunset, turquoise bays, and it’s all directly at your fingertips.  A bad day in Miami always beats a good day anywhere else!  Simply, glance up.

After celebrating three years in Miami, I feel I’ve learned enough about our history and become accustomed to our lifestyle enough to call this home.  At the same time, my eyes are still fresh seeking, appreciating, and loving exactly where I ended up. In my search to gain full appreciation for our stunning city and it’s surrounding sisters, I find myself wanting to know more about it.

So, I went and found it all.  Culture, art, beach, and a new found love for my town.  With the help of a dear friend from Opulence International Realty, Adi Zilberberg and I hopped around Miami Beach and it’s surrounding cities to find out more!  Leaving our mark wherever we explored, we experienced the beauty that is our glorious Vice City.

The Classic Miami Beach – My eyes light up with pride as Adi and I fully explored our beautiful private paradise! With tons of preservation, our valued city is clearly well cared for by its residents.  With endless palm trees, historic sites, and stunning beaches, we truly live in tropical heaven.  Lincoln Road is filled with the trendiest of shops and restaurants, featuring constant events and markets to enjoy! Perfect for people watching, it’s an easy stroll towards the beach where you’ll hit Ocean Drive.  Parallel to our glimmering waters, you can dine, relax, and enjoy amongst endless hotels, restaurants, bars and classic art deco buildings.  Zilberberg explains how our city is filled with classic luxury, “The appetite for luxury on Miami Beach is always vigorous and now growing more than ever.  Having said, that Miami Beach classic charm is always present.” Attracting all types, Miami Beach is a beach playground.  Be sure to dive into our waters, explore South Beach nightlife, and catch that classic Miami Beach historic vibe.  Instantly we’re craving a Cuban cigar as we head towards Brickell.

The City of Brickell – Suddenly I’m wanting a hot dog from the corner and mistaking this for a New York tour.  But no, we’re just in glorious Brickell.  Just a skip and a jump from the beach, this beautiful up and coming high-rise neighborhood has rows of endless buildings, that treasured city feels and tons of upscale towers complete with stunning views.  With an impressive skyline, Brickell is perfect for the young professional, the new hip couple, or a snowbird who longs for the Big Apple. Adi expands, “Brickell real history is in the making as exclusive yet inviting hotels, retail, and office spaces spring up amongst impressive urban architecture.”  Broadway tunes linger in my ears as we trade our city chic atmosphere for a vogue one.

The Design District –  Sometimes you need to dust the sand off your feet and put on the Louboutins.  Established fashion brands with cutting-edge designs fill the streets of this trendsetting area.  Adi, of course, dressed to the nines, explains further, “Miami’s Design District is the modern marriage of fashion and luxury.”  Only 7 miles away from South Beach and her fashionable sister, Miami’s Design District is the ultimate destination for art, design, and culture.

This exploration of our extraordinary town of Miami Beach and its surrounding cities gives truth to the declaration that Miami has it all. As a newer local here to stay, I’ve found that the community, culture, and history here in Miami Beach and it’s neighbors is like none other.  If you haven’t yet today, you should look up…you live in a paradise.

Joining Liz Newman in the exploration of this stunning city is Adi Dotan Zilberberg at Gary Hennes Realtors, a luxury real estate firm provides an all-inclusive buying or selling experience, that makes the process stress-free and seamless. 305.209.5017 azilberberg@liveplayworkmia.com 

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