Will Home Staging Help Me Sell My Home?

  You’re selling your house and have decided to move out before the home has actually sold. The bags are packed, the moving truck arrives and before you know it the house is empty and ready for the next resident. Now that the rooms are open and clutter-less the buyers ... Read More

Real Estate Tips | Investment in Real Estate

Investors put their money into real estate because of the potential they have to receive a tremendous return on their investment. South Florida happens to have a market that contains a significant amount of investment properties and a significant amount of residents, vacationers, and snowbirds. Florida is one of the ... Read More

Market Reports Q2 2018

Some people think that the summer months are slow for Miami’s real estate.  I’ve got a special information including is our Q2 Market Report for Miami and its beaches. Q2 2018 sales report details market statistics for most of the Miami area’s major municipalities and neighbourhoods. That includes in-depth reports ... Read More